Stance Fittings

HYBRIDair Nano Management Kit




  • Viair 98C compact compressor
  • 0.25 GA charge tank
  • 3 position momentary adjustment switch
  • Dual path electric valve manifold
  • SMC DOT fittings
  • 40′ 1/4″ DOT air line
  • 40A relay
  • 25A fuse & fuse holder
  • Comprehensive wiring and accessory pack including thread sealant and air line cutter


Compressor: 5.6″L x 3.1″W x 4.7″H

Tank: 12″L x 3.25″ in diameter

Although our standard Hideaway air management kit is already quite compact, some vehicles simply have no room to spare. Speaking of spare, our Hideaway Nano kit is small enough to live inside of a Porsche 964 spare tire! Its 1/4 gallon charge tank is big enough to ensure instant response when you hit the switch, which is incredibly important when unexpected obstacles enter your path. For vehicles heavier than 3200lbs (1450kg), we suggest adding a second tank to ensure a full lift from the air reserves. The compact VIAIR compressor might be small, but it’s more than up to the task of refilling the charge tank(s).

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