Purchasing Air Suspension

This guide to purchasing air suspension is only to be taken as a ‘guide’; everyone has a different way they like to purchase items whether that would be from your mate’s mum’s cousin or straight from the most expensive place in town. That being said we hope this guide ensures you get on the right track when purchasing air suspension from Stance Fittings or elsewhere.

So let's start with what 'Air Suspension' is. Air suspension is a type suspension kit that enables the user to raise and lower the vehicle using air 'bags' on each corner of the vehicle. There are many different types of 'kits' you can get but at the end of the day, you'll be able to slam it to the ground and raise it.

Choosing to purchase air suspension will significantly change the way your vehicle drives and looks, it is highly advisable that you 'declare' this with your insurance company. If on the unfortunate occasion you crash your vehicle you may lose your vehicle value but also the £1000's you spent on air ride. 

That’s the boring bit out the way...

This Porsche is a great example of the capabilities of air suspension!

Okay, so you want to purchase air suspension.

What do I get and how much is it? This is the most asked question we get; most of the time people are put off by the price. Yes, air suspension is expensive but your paying for the reliability to keep your vehicle effectively suspended on air 'bags', whilst being able to adjust the entire vehicle height as and when you please. Multiple options will suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

When it comes to purchasing air suspension you need to make sure you 'browse' around for the best deal, the last thing you want to be doing is overpaying for something you can get cheaper elsewhere! When getting quotes from multiple places make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Each dealer will give you different quotes but one thing to 100% look out for is to ensure that they are AUTHORISED to sell that brand of air ride. You can usually check via the manufacturer's website or drop their sales department an email. On the rare occasion, you have a fault with your air ride you want to ensure that it's returnable and repairable, this is only achieved via authorized dealers.

When you get your quote through either from us or elsewhere ensure there's everything you need to 'bag' your car. The main things to look out for include:

  1. The management; is the control system that operates the lifting and lowering of the vehicle.
  2. The ancillaries; this will be the likes of an air tank, compressor, airline, fittings and fixtures, this is usually included in the management 'pack'. Just make sure it is.
  3. The front struts/bags; this is a must to ensure the front of your vehicle raises and lowers. There are various types/brands of air strut. If your purchasing a 'full' kit make sure there included.
  4. The rear struts/bags; on some vehicles the strut and bag are a separate unit. When purchasing a full kit, make sure the company gives you a breakdown of whether the rear struts are included. If not you will need to include them, as standard vehicle struts may not compress as much as you would like and therefore prevent the vehicle from lowering at the rear. No one wants that aha!

The above are the basics to have for air suspension and to get your vehicle slammed to the ground.

As there are multiple options and variations of air ride ensure that you know exactly what you are getting, if there isn't a breakdown of the 'kit' and its a lot cheaper than elsewhere, they might be hiding something or not including something you think you should be getting. Like that age-old saying 'If it’s too good to be true, it probably is'. 

Classic Ferrari dropped on Air Suspension

Purchasing a USED air ride kit.

First things first, if you're looking for a second-hand air ride kit head over to @AirTradersClassifieds  @AirRideClassifieds @AirRidePartsForSale

You'll be able to browse for what's available, raise a 'wanted' post and look for a kit for your vehicle. There are numerous things to look out for when it comes to a used kit.

  1. Make sure there are plenty of pictures, paying close attention to the manifold the 'brains' of the kit, if there are any signs of damage stay well clear (unless specified in sale post), also check the push-fittings to make sure they are not bent or severely worn.
  2. Ensure that if advertised as a 'full' kit, make sure it's all there, management, struts, bags, and rear shocks. There may be some consumables missing from the kit such as cable ties, sections of the airline, a few fittings here and there, but this is normal as they are used on the first installation.
  3. If your buying bags ensure there are no rub marks or wear marks, again this comes back to number 1. Plenty of pictures. 
  4. Check where and when the original kit was purchased this ensures that the age of the kit is accurate to what the seller is advertising.
  5. Check prices against other kits of the same specification; ensure that the price is reasonable.
  6. THIS IS A BIG NO-NO, never send payment or a deposit via bank transfer or PayPal friends and family, unless you know the person and they are genuine.

The used air ride market is a minefield with multiple variations of parts, manifolds, fittings, airline, boot installs, etc.... A good way of ensuring that you are getting the right parts for your vehicle is to find your vehicle on Air Lift Performance and make a note of the part numbers, then check those part numbers against the original receipt or purchase order with the seller. Usually, the seller will be happy to help, as they want to sell their kit.

top tip from us here at Stance Fittings is to always replace the fittings on a used kit to ensure you get the best possible seal and reliability for your new kit!

You'll find the multi-pack kits here:

Multi-Pack Kits

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into the world of air ride and what to expect when purchasing a kit. Key tips to take include, if it’s too cheap, it’s too good to be true, make sure you get a breakdown of everything included and ensure you shop around for the best deal. If you have any questions whatsoever or are stuck on fitting a kit, please contact us we'll be happy to help!